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Parent Connect  started in Spring of 2011.  We started with 2 people and quickly grew to normal attendance of 15-20.  Our group  is not static,  as children grow and develop so do we as parents.   This means our group changes as these needs change over time.  We are not the same group that started in 2011. Many Moms have attended regularly  for a year or two and then moved on, due to return to work, change in schedules, change in personal need, etc.  Others have then come and benefited from the support and connection of this group.  Overall we have had approximately  40 regular attendees to our Parent Connect Sessions.




Parent Connect’s Mission is to provide a community of parents who support, encourage and challenge each other as we aim to raise our children in a Godly way.  Parent Connect Moms also stay connected through email and use of Parent Connect Facebook page.  We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, from 9:30 to 11am September to May, Childcare provided!




A Regular PC meeting looks something like this:


9:30-9:50- Snack/ Informal Fellowship/ Announcements


9:50- Organized Discussion on Topic Relating to Parenting


10:45- Share Prayer Requests and Prayer time




We have two service projects a year,  examples may be : Visit Nursing Home, Free Toy Exchange, Helping at Ronald McDonald House, Sewing Dresses for Needy Children in Africa, Random Acts of Kindness.  We also have Special Celebration times at our Christmas and Mother’s Day Sessions.  Come and Join Us!  Feel free to visit with no obligation to come regularly!  





For more information contact Cherry Pechart at (717)497-4338, ckpechart@yahoo.com or visit Parent Connect on Facebook. 

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