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Planet Wisdom is...all about Discipleship for teenagers.


Planet Wisdom is a high-energy, faith building conference for teens.  We'll have a place to step outside of the everyday life to focus on God in new ways, to go from looking at the world with a human perspective to looking at the world with God's perspective.


Planet Wisdom will occur from Friday, March 4th through Saturday March 5th (returning Saturday night) in Washington, DC.  This year's theme is "Quest:  Discovering Myself in the LIght of Christ"...We'll follow Jesus Back to the Cross to guide our Quest.  This is for RockSOLID 9th - 12th Graders.  Speakers and Worship Team:  Mark Matlock, Heather Flies, The Skit Guys, The Jordan Howerton Band.


See Alan Bostdorf for further information. 


Planet Wisdom High School Retreat 2016

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