Lay Of The Land

As I write this, it is the morning of my 18th day on staff at HUMC, and it’s already been quite an experience. I’ve been working to get the lay of the land, meeting people and connecting faces with names. I quite enjoyed my first afternoon of visiting folks who aren’t able to get to church often. I learned that when visiting folks in their homes, it is important to remain standing until they sit to avoid accidentally taking their special chair... I've always been of the opinion "If it fits, it sits", so this lesson from Pastor Dale was a real gem! I experienced my first RockSTAR meeting, and came away convinced that God has put an incredible team of people to minister to the children of our church. They are passionate, full of great ideas, and take great joy in sharing Jesus with our kids. And holy buckets, do they like to have fun!

God has amazing things coming our way. The God we serve is the God of new things, and through conversations with various people God has shown me that our time of holy discontent is over. Ever since my first visit to HUMC, I've been convinced that this church has many resources. Now, God is going to use these (us!) to do a new thing in our church and community. I'm so excited to be part of the staff team as God births His new vision for HUMC. God is good. We have a future full of the abundant life God has promised us. I am grateful.

Su Rider