5th Quarter       


The Halifax United Methodist Church provides a safe place, which is drug-free, alcohol free and violence free, for Middle/Senior High School Youth (grades 6-12) following select home football games in the fall and Friday Night home basketball games in the winter.


Halifax Youth Center building and grounds.


Check back in the Fall of 2019!


  • It will be a time for interaction between youth and youth/adults as we relate to one another in a Christ-like way and demonstrate the Christian faith.

  • There will be DJ music provided for listening and dancing.

  • There is a pit fire when weather permits.

  • Refreshments are provided at no cost by the church and/or community.


  • The 5th Quarter is for Middle/High School students ONLY.
  • Boundaries for the 5th Quarter will be the Youth Center property and the large park pavilion next to the Youth Center.  Anyone going beyond these boundaries will be considered as on their way home and will not be readmitted for the evening activities.
  • There will be no roller blading or skate boarding during the 5th Quarter event.
  • Trash should not be thrown on the ground; put in the respective receptacles provided.
  • Anyone caught with drugs, alcohol or smoking will be dealt with appropriately.
  • Anyone creating a disturbance or acting violently will be dealt with appropriately.
  • Any inappropriate language or inappropriate touching will be given a warning.  If actions continue, that individual(s) will be asked to leave.


  • A minimum of 25 chaperones will be provided by the church and/or community.
  • We will have a safety control point at the road coming from the school to the Youth Center.  Traffic will be blocked off on School Road for the safety of the children.


Volunteers needed for the following activities:

  • Chaperone:   Inside, Outside or Either
  • Prepare Snacks
  • Clean-up

Note:  These events begin immediately following select football and basketball games and end at approximately 10:45 P.M.

To volunteer as a chaperone or for more information, contact:

Halifax United Methodist Church
Telephone:  (717) 896-8092
E-mail: humc@halifaxumc.com