The Halifax Youth Center is the result of a Vision by members of HUMC who desired to provide quality after-school programming to the Youth of our community grades 6-12.  This ministry started when HUMC purchased a small house on Rise Street to facilitate the Outreach effort.  As the ministry grew, this house was eventually torn down and replaced with a beautiful facility now known as the Halifax Youth Center.  

During the school year, the Youth Center runs 2:30 – 5:30pm Monday – Friday.  The ministry is led by a Director and awesome group of volunteers who together help to create a healthy environment for the youth to enjoy. 

The after-school program is a combination of fun, study support, food and learning together. 

Our Mission is to create a healthy environment, build character in the lives of youth, and inspire them to be a positive impact in the world.  As we move forward, we are excited to begin opening on select weeks/days throughout the summer months as a way of continuing a positive level of support and growth. For more information please contact the Church Office at

Youth Center Consent & Waiver

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Halifax Youth Center
Consent & Waiver

Halifax Youth Center
Code of Conduct