The Mission Committee regularly gives financial support to Red Bird Mission, Mission Central, Ethnos 360, Indian Mobile Mission, and Isaiah 61 Ministries.  In addition, we support local missionaries and ministries as God calls us to do so.  We send people to serve lunch on the third Sunday of every month to Downtown Daily Bread and also pay for the meals that are served that day.  Click here to access a Great Commission Fund Application.

The Great Commission Fund is used to cover part of the cost of team members’ outreach to orphans in Romania and India, but it also helps to fund mission trips taken by individuals who regularly attend HUMC and long term missionaries, such as Hannah Romberger.  In addition, it can be used to help fund any families who choose to host orphans in their home, as presented on Orphan Sunday.  If you are interested in giving to the Great Commission Fund, you can always use an envelope marked “Great Commission Fund” and place it in the offering. 

Please note that you can also make regular electronic contributions to the Great Commission Fund, using the forms found in the church office.

Our Conference of the United Methodist Church regularly has opportunities to do missions through their "Volunteers in Missions" program.  You can find a list of these opportunities at: http://susmb.org/index.php/vim/vim-trips  Please note the upcoming work days at Wesley Forest, Allport, Bigler, and Woodland, which are close and provide great times of fellowship and service.

Opportunities to Serve:

God has called each of us to serve in different ways by giving us different passions and gifts.  If He has laid a ministry on your heart, please contact us and let us support and help you to make it a reality.   

Patty Weaver, Chair of the Missions Committee


 Click this link if you are interested in checking out past missions trips to Romania and India: