If you have a taste for history and would like to indulge in culinary traditions that have stood the test of time, exploring the world’s oldest restaurants is a must. Here are some iconic and historic establishments that have been serving delicious meals for centuries:

  1. Sobrino de Botín (Madrid, Spain): Established in 1725, Sobrino de Botín holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the world. Known for its traditional Castilian cuisine, their signature dish is the succulent roast suckling pig.
  2. Stiftskeller St. Peter (Salzburg, Austria): Operating since 803, Stiftskeller St. Peter is located within the walls of St. Peter’s Archabbey. With its medieval ambiance and exquisite Austrian dishes, it offers a unique dining experience surrounded by history.
  3. Antica Trattoria della Pesa (Milan, Italy): This charming trattoria dates back to 1880 and is set in a historic building that was once a wine cellar. Renowned for its traditional Milanese cuisine, it is particularly famous for its ossobuco and risotto.
  4. The Brazen Head (Dublin, Ireland): Claiming to be Ireland’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head has been serving patrons since 1198. With its vibrant atmosphere, live Irish music, and hearty pub fare, it offers a delightful taste of Irish history.
  5. The Turk’s Head (Dublin, Ireland): Established in 1204, The Turk’s Head is one of Ireland’s oldest pubs and a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Enjoy a pint of Guinness, live music, and a selection of classic pub food.
  6. Restaurant de La Tour (Paris, France): Dating back to 1594, this charming Parisian restaurant offers a glimpse into the city’s culinary past. Set within a historic stone tower, it serves classic French dishes in an intimate and elegant setting.
  7. The Witchery by the Castle (Edinburgh, Scotland): Located near Edinburgh Castle, The Witchery is housed in a 16th-century building. Known for its Gothic decor, candle-lit ambience, and Scottish cuisine, it offers a unique dining experience in a historic setting.

When visiting these iconic establishments, you not only get to savor delicious meals but also become part of their centuries-old legacy. It’s advisable to make prior reservations, as these restaurants are often popular and have limited seating. Enjoy your culinary journey through time and immerse yourself in the rich history that these establishments have to offer.

By Duke