Los Angeles is known for its vibrant food scene, including a fantastic array of vegan restaurants. Here are some top vegan restaurants in Los Angeles for plant-based dining:

  1. Crossroads Kitchen: Located in West Hollywood, Crossroads Kitchen offers a sophisticated and upscale dining experience. Their menu features a range of delicious plant-based dishes, including vegan cheese plates, truffle mac and cheese, and an extensive selection of delectable desserts.
  2. Shojin: Located in Little Tokyo, Shojin is a vegan sushi and izakaya restaurant. Their creative menu includes a variety of innovative vegan rolls, tempura, and Japanese-inspired dishes made with high-quality and sustainable ingredients.
  3. Gracias Madre: Located in West Hollywood, Gracias Madre offers a plant-based twist on Mexican cuisine. Enjoy their flavorful dishes such as jackfruit carnitas tacos, coconut ceviche, and a wide selection of tequilas and mezcals.
  4. Sage Vegan Bistro: With locations in Echo Park, Pasadena, and Culver City, Sage Vegan Bistro is a popular spot for vegan comfort food. Their menu includes delicious pizzas, burgers, tacos, and even vegan “chicken” and waffles.
  5. Cafe Gratitude: With multiple locations throughout Los Angeles, Cafe Gratitude serves up organic, plant-based dishes with positive affirmations as their menu items’ names. From nourishing bowls to hearty sandwiches and fresh salads, this restaurant focuses on sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.
  6. Plant Food + Wine: Located in Venice, Plant Food + Wine is a fine dining vegan restaurant by chef Matthew Kenney. The menu offers an exquisite selection of raw and cooked plant-based dishes, beautifully presented and bursting with flavors.
  7. Au Lac: Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Au Lac is a Vietnamese-inspired vegan restaurant. Their menu includes a mix of traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as innovative plant-based creations, with options like pho, banh mi, and vibrant salads.
  8. Real Food Daily: With locations in West Hollywood and Pasadena, Real Food Daily offers a diverse range of vegan comfort food classics. From meatball subs to nachos and pancakes, their menu satisfies both taste and cravings.

These are just a few of the many outstanding vegan restaurants in Los Angeles that provide delicious plant-based options. Whether you’re a vegan or simply looking for a wholesome and flavorful dining experience, LA offers an impressive selection of vegan cuisine to suit every palate.

By Duke